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martes, 27 de agosto de 2013

Which message send to the girls

Send messages to girls is something any man can learn. But it takes practice, knowledge, and the ability to recognize what kind of messages the girls respond

To find out what kind of texts you get the results you want, you must first realize what messages are appropriate for every application.

Usually, a man will use his phone to one of three purposes:

1. Try to make initial contact after knowing the girl somewhere

2. He just wants to stay in the mind of the girl until the next time I see

3. You are using text messages to take your relationship with the girl to a more rogue or sexual

In a few minutes I'll talk about how to send text messages to girls the right way ... but first, I want to discuss some of the biggest mistakes you could be making with your cell phone. Once you complete these errors will be much easier for you to reach your goals with the "telephone game".

 # 1 Send a message bored no sense. These messages include, "How are you?" Or "What's New". Messages like these NO you differ from the other hundreds of men who also send messages to the girls you're talking to.

 # 2: The second mistake is to send messages to a girl too many times and often. Text messages should be used in limited doses to create mystery, suspense, and intrigue. If you send messages to a girl all the time, anxiously wait no longer.

 # 3: The final mistake that men make is that they try to have a conversation by text. Text messages should not be used as a way to meet a girl.

Other blunders when sending messages to girls are:

Reply to message too fast and look needy

Strive too much to get her to feel attracted

Allow women to control the flow of messages (eg Is it always ends the conversation she who?)

Not reach a level rogue, "provocative", or sexual relationship with your posts?

Flirt by Phone: All messages you send should have some sort of playfulness and provocation. You should always aim to demonstrate the fun side of your personality every time you send a message.

During the first posts just trying to show you can be fun and socialize with girls.

Your messages must always give the impression that you live a fun and adventurous life.

Stay at a light and playful tone, then move on to more serious, and then back to being playful and provocative.

The technique is to tease her with messages back and forth and leave the interaction at an all time high, leaving either answer, or terminate with a message such as "talk to you later ..."

It is also important to show little bits of your personality in these messages, and avoid being boring

This means you never make statements like "I'm bored," or if she asks what you're doing do not answer "Nothing special."

Instead, it responds with something interesting, playful, and intriguing

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