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lunes, 26 de agosto de 2013

Player's Guide To Send Messages To Girls

How to Avoid the textual gaffes?

Before sending a message, take a moment to review these rules

Rule 1: Do not send messages to prevent a telephone conversation

I think that many men, especially those who are just entering the social field, see text messages as a safer place to contact women instead of calling. This is completely understandable, but totally unacceptable. 

Think of this situation realistically. If you just met a woman and got her number, your next goal is to have a second meeting with her. Note that the probability of arranging a date with her through text messages is lower than if you increase the comfort flames and verbally.Goals No Paws

Goals No Paws

Also, if you email for fear interacting with this woman, then how do you expect to interact with it comfortably when you're face to face?

Only consider Texting a girl to arrange a second exit in three possible situations:

1. She sent me a message first, then I respond by message.

2. I call her and she does not respond. Instead of leaving a voice mail, I send a message, which sounds less need for me, and usually faster than receive voice messages.

3. I send a message with the implicit purpose of speaking with her by phone. In this scenario we can frolic in return messages but after some exchanges simply call.

Rule 2: Add value to your texts. Do not look at the value that you receive

When I send an initial message I do an open question that he intends to seek value. Some examples of this might be, "What?" Or "What are you doing tonight?". In my opinion these messages seem needy and do not evoke any emotion in the woman you are contacting. .

When I send a message, my goal is to cause an emotion and show my playful personality. Examples of these messages are: "Hey silly! I bet you're running at a level of 100% nonsense today. "The worst jokes work well as postings to make you laugh and show your sense of humor.

Rule 3: Avoid sending too many messages!

I know maybe it is the only thing on your mind at the moment but let that be a secret between us, otherwise you might scare her. So, send a message and when you answer, you can send another message. If she does not respond the message, you must wait until tomorrow before trying to contact her again.

I wait a few minutes to respond after receiving a text message. I do this to avoid giving the impression that the only thing I have in life is waiting for a new friend sent me messages. Remember, do not look needy always equate to being sexy because it conveys the idea that you have other options for citations.

Rule 4: Use text messages to evoke the law of familiarity

This is more of a tip, but is super useful. The best method I found to use text messaging is to do in situ. After meeting a woman and get her number I send a message immediately in situ, while beside me. This situation is funny in itself, and if you send a message humorous, it will be doubly.

Try-site messages like "Now you have my number, but you can only call once a day" or "Who's that handsome guy who is on your side?"

If after sending a message they keep your number, you can take it as a definite indicator of interest. What is more important, when you call later, your phone number will appear and sound familiar.

Is more likely to respond to a number woman knows that one not.

See below for other resources to send messages to the girls, which send messages, how to do, and examples of seduction by text message. As you probably noticed, the text messages have become the dominant form of communication between men and women seeking dating. So it is better for you to read all you can about the girls to message.

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