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martes, 27 de agosto de 2013

How "not" to forget a girl

During college, Mike, Justin, and I adopted the phrase "disease".

The "disease" is like a "oneitis" overdeveloped.

I call it "the disease" because once it affects practically impossible for the controls. It corrupts your mind first, but then usually brings physical symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, weight loss, depression, insomnia.

It happens to the best of us ... and even though we already know that we have been infected, it's almost impossible to combat. Even if our best friends tell us "we must move forward", "go quiet" "Forget it," his words go in one ear and out the other.

Although the only cure for the "disease" is the time ... I thought that if I wrote a detailed description of how we infected (using my last battle against it as an example) you guys were going to be able to use this as a guide when the sit come. Although not pretend to be able to get rid of his obsession for yourself, at least may be able to avoid some of the typical mistakes I made.

The Anatomy of Disease

After falling in love slowly from one of my friends during the course of a year, everything exploded in a ski trip. I knew in my head that I had to make my move now or never. Weeks before the trip began to avoid ski before heading to the mountain. I wanted to create a cool person, and distance myself from the "friend zone" that had previously been subjected.

The first night of the ski trip I made a dramatic change in the way I interacted with her. I became more sexual, alluded to its appeal, and I became more pushy.

Though it seemed a little withdrawn, slowly began to respond to my escalation. By the end of the night we were in bed kissing. The next day he said it was a mistake and that he liked too as a friend to continue.But I insisted again that night, and again ended up in bed with me. Basically spent the rest of the trip locked in my room. To be completely honest, it was unlike anything he had experienced before. Maybe it was the sexual tension that had developed during the past year, our strong connection as friends, or just my crazy physical attraction to her, but was in a state that had never been before.

Although I finished the week on the mountain feeling a little vulnerable, I was pretty sure she felt the same. In fact, I would say that my confidence was sky high. I was on top.

The first couple of nights back at home went well. The girl and I send text messages at night. I was in "go quiet" so I said I would wait a few days to call her.

On Friday afternoon I could barely contain my excitement to spend time with her. While I was at work I texted "I want to see. A lot. ". I expected an immediate response correspondiéndome feeling it. I waited and waited ... but the answer never came.

He was still in the "looks quiet" so I decided to go to the bar with a couple of friends. My mind was a little girl, but was not too worried because she had a habit of forgetting our friendship. After the bar closed we did the after party at my house. Pretty drunk at this time, I went against my instincts and called her. And when I said I left a message. That night I fell asleep with the phone in my hand, waiting for the call.The Saturday morning was when I went into panic mode.

I fell that the information had not called. I began to "scan" my brain for reasons why I would be away. I started asking the opinion of some of my friends. All reassured me "only been a day." It felt better at the moment, then I remembered our wonderful week together in the mountains and I was trying to figure out what went wrong.

Sometime between Saturday and Sunday I convinced myself that the reason you're avoiding it because I do not trust that I really like. In my mind it made sense. She knows I'm a "player".

I thought what I had to do to prove that I really liked. So I went against my instincts and went to the flower shop on Monday morning. I bought the largest bouquet, wonderful and expensive they had, and I had it shipped to work on Tuesday night ... to complete a card was really embarrassing, basically professing my love.

On Monday night I called to one o'clock. My "friend partying" tells me not to answer him and give him a shot of their own medicine ... but my "friend dull" intervene, and ended by telling her to come to my house. When it comes to my house acts nonchalant about not calling ... and forgive immediately. We kissed a little ... I ate her pussy .. then left.

In the next morning I thought about whether I should cancel or not flowers. I decided to send them the same. Later in the evening, I received a call from her thanking me for the flowers. I say if he wants to date but says he is tired and just goes to sleep.

I wait until Friday to call again. Once again ... no response. I continue to go out with a friend, get extremely drunk ... and take home a doll of 18 years I worked. But even a fresh young girl of 18 years could dissuade the start of "the disease."

The next two months are blurry. I basically consist of checking my phone every 3 minutes to see if called. The few times he actually calls or sends a message ... I'm too weak to "play". For a minute or two I tell myself I will not call again ... but then I give up and call. She continues to avoid me. I try to make it quiet and act as if I did not care. Then in moments of weakness I send messages asking "what is happening between us" and shit with which I go crazy thinking.

Finally after two months I get really drunk and appear in his work. She is almost afraid to see me. I'm drunk but somehow convince her to go out and have a few drinks. Finally, I have in front of me after two months of playing with the phone ... but it's nothing like what I imagined. In my head ... she was going to confess his love to me, tell me how much I've missed you ... and end up curled up in my bed.

How the night ended, I was a fucking face giving him a love letter ... I wrote her taking the letter and going ... not even called me to recognize. As time passed I lost hope that call.

The mess that had become Bobby Rio finally was beginning to sort his life again. I was dating a new girl ... finally starting to beat "the disease."

But I could live well alone. I knew it would be an annual Christmas party where she worked. I had friends who still worked there. So once again, I get shit faced again and go to your party with one of my friends.The night started well ... I spent time catching up with a bunch of old friends ... talking to her when the occasion allowed. But as I became more drunk the shield of "quiet man" who had been showing little by little began to weaken. I started to ask questions about "the weekend we spent together." It was clear that she did not want to talk about it.

Then I started noticing that she and one of her co-workers were really hitting it off. I did not feel threatened because he knew the guy, and I never imagine that she would like ... but as I had drunk myself getting more and more sense. Everything was becoming very clear ... (in my drunken mind distorted) SHE WAS TAKING TO TYPE.

So I did the only thing a drunk bastard could do ... I followed him to the bathroom and gave him a pineapple on his jaw. Next thing I know is that we drove to the parking lot ... we were rolling on the floor hitting us our heads ... clavándonos fingers in our eyes .. I think even I bit.

Finally the rest of the party separates the fight ... I get into a taxi and send me my damn my ass home sick.Bobby Rio awoke the next morning at the Mero Fund.

I'll leave this story without comment. It is simply to show how the disease can take hold of anyone. At that point in my life and knew everything there was to know. I was taking my girls right and left .. always was the one taking control and decisions.

And I felt like a soldier.

Which message send to the girls

Send messages to girls is something any man can learn. But it takes practice, knowledge, and the ability to recognize what kind of messages the girls respond

To find out what kind of texts you get the results you want, you must first realize what messages are appropriate for every application.

Usually, a man will use his phone to one of three purposes:

1. Try to make initial contact after knowing the girl somewhere

2. He just wants to stay in the mind of the girl until the next time I see

3. You are using text messages to take your relationship with the girl to a more rogue or sexual

In a few minutes I'll talk about how to send text messages to girls the right way ... but first, I want to discuss some of the biggest mistakes you could be making with your cell phone. Once you complete these errors will be much easier for you to reach your goals with the "telephone game".

 # 1 Send a message bored no sense. These messages include, "How are you?" Or "What's New". Messages like these NO you differ from the other hundreds of men who also send messages to the girls you're talking to.

 # 2: The second mistake is to send messages to a girl too many times and often. Text messages should be used in limited doses to create mystery, suspense, and intrigue. If you send messages to a girl all the time, anxiously wait no longer.

 # 3: The final mistake that men make is that they try to have a conversation by text. Text messages should not be used as a way to meet a girl.

Other blunders when sending messages to girls are:

Reply to message too fast and look needy

Strive too much to get her to feel attracted

Allow women to control the flow of messages (eg Is it always ends the conversation she who?)

Not reach a level rogue, "provocative", or sexual relationship with your posts?

Flirt by Phone: All messages you send should have some sort of playfulness and provocation. You should always aim to demonstrate the fun side of your personality every time you send a message.

During the first posts just trying to show you can be fun and socialize with girls.

Your messages must always give the impression that you live a fun and adventurous life.

Stay at a light and playful tone, then move on to more serious, and then back to being playful and provocative.

The technique is to tease her with messages back and forth and leave the interaction at an all time high, leaving either answer, or terminate with a message such as "talk to you later ..."

It is also important to show little bits of your personality in these messages, and avoid being boring

This means you never make statements like "I'm bored," or if she asks what you're doing do not answer "Nothing special."

Instead, it responds with something interesting, playful, and intriguing

lunes, 26 de agosto de 2013

Player's Guide To Send Messages To Girls

How to Avoid the textual gaffes?

Before sending a message, take a moment to review these rules

Rule 1: Do not send messages to prevent a telephone conversation

I think that many men, especially those who are just entering the social field, see text messages as a safer place to contact women instead of calling. This is completely understandable, but totally unacceptable. 

Think of this situation realistically. If you just met a woman and got her number, your next goal is to have a second meeting with her. Note that the probability of arranging a date with her through text messages is lower than if you increase the comfort flames and verbally.Goals No Paws

Goals No Paws

Also, if you email for fear interacting with this woman, then how do you expect to interact with it comfortably when you're face to face?

Only consider Texting a girl to arrange a second exit in three possible situations:

1. She sent me a message first, then I respond by message.

2. I call her and she does not respond. Instead of leaving a voice mail, I send a message, which sounds less need for me, and usually faster than receive voice messages.

3. I send a message with the implicit purpose of speaking with her by phone. In this scenario we can frolic in return messages but after some exchanges simply call.

Rule 2: Add value to your texts. Do not look at the value that you receive

When I send an initial message I do an open question that he intends to seek value. Some examples of this might be, "What?" Or "What are you doing tonight?". In my opinion these messages seem needy and do not evoke any emotion in the woman you are contacting. .

When I send a message, my goal is to cause an emotion and show my playful personality. Examples of these messages are: "Hey silly! I bet you're running at a level of 100% nonsense today. "The worst jokes work well as postings to make you laugh and show your sense of humor.

Rule 3: Avoid sending too many messages!

I know maybe it is the only thing on your mind at the moment but let that be a secret between us, otherwise you might scare her. So, send a message and when you answer, you can send another message. If she does not respond the message, you must wait until tomorrow before trying to contact her again.

I wait a few minutes to respond after receiving a text message. I do this to avoid giving the impression that the only thing I have in life is waiting for a new friend sent me messages. Remember, do not look needy always equate to being sexy because it conveys the idea that you have other options for citations.

Rule 4: Use text messages to evoke the law of familiarity

This is more of a tip, but is super useful. The best method I found to use text messaging is to do in situ. After meeting a woman and get her number I send a message immediately in situ, while beside me. This situation is funny in itself, and if you send a message humorous, it will be doubly.

Try-site messages like "Now you have my number, but you can only call once a day" or "Who's that handsome guy who is on your side?"

If after sending a message they keep your number, you can take it as a definite indicator of interest. What is more important, when you call later, your phone number will appear and sound familiar.

Is more likely to respond to a number woman knows that one not.

See below for other resources to send messages to the girls, which send messages, how to do, and examples of seduction by text message. As you probably noticed, the text messages have become the dominant form of communication between men and women seeking dating. So it is better for you to read all you can about the girls to message.

Sending Messages To A Girl

Look at the messages "sent" on your phone and see how many times you sent a message to a girl who said something like "What's up?" Or "How are you?".

Now delete those messages yourself and promise yourself that from now on, when you send a message to a girl, will send those messages never boring, lacking in personality.

These messages help you to highlight any features of your unique personality, fun and playful, and put women in the commitment that message conversation continue. You're giving her control.

Every text you send should offer some value to the woman who receives it. You must also include elements of your style.

A message much more playful and fun to send a girl would be, "Stop thinking about me! ", Or" You appeared in my mind and just wanted to say hi. "

These messages do not force the conversation going ... but she wants to make answer. And she flirtee get text message you.

Do Short, Provocative, and Fun

Send messages to girls is not really a way to meet women.

Instead, consider it as an opportunity to give a girl a 'look' of who you are as a man.Show him an "advance" on your sense of humor, your interests, and your personality.And flirts, MUCH.


Have you sent a text message to a woman and she does not answer for a couple of hours?

What went through your mind during the time you expected your answer?

Probably could not stop thinking about IT.

You must create intrigue and mystery when you send messages to the girls. This creates a roller coaster effect in your posts. You want to be spontaneous, inaccurate, and always unpredictable.

So usually answer messages if you send a girl a few minutes of receiving it ... every third or fourth time waiting for thirty to ninety minutes to return the message. Sometimes you can wait until the next day.

This gives her the opportunity to think about yourself. It lets you experience the pleasure of look forward to your next post. This is probably the most important concept to remember when you use your mobile phone to flirt.

What You Send messages to girls?

During the early exchanges NOT attempt to arrange a meeting. As I mentioned earlier, just want to show that you are a kind seductive and fun. So your initial messages should show this side of your personality ... and also be used to see if she's a girl you have some sort of understanding.

Remember, the reason for using your phone flirt, engage in a bit of communication, and make her think about you.

Something else you should do is to assume that there is an understanding. This means you can jump directly to send messages without explaining every aspect of your life.

could send something like:

"I just bought the best pair of shoes there for $ 20 ... I do not believe" or

"My dog ​​is super funny" O

"Hey what's new, silly?"

Game Concept Phone

Obviously there are other ways to address text messages for a girl. But I recommend you to take a look at The "99 Best Text Messages of All Time", as it contains over 100 specific examples of text messages funny, playful and seductive that you can send the girls ... but first ...

7 Errors "Emotional" Men Do trying to seduce a woman

Lately I am intrigued by the idea of ​​"emotional intelligence". He's starting to seem that emotional intelligence is up in ranking with the "social intelligence" to be successful in all aspects of life ... particularly in your quest to date a beautiful woman.

In this article I want to talk about some mistakes "emotional" common that men commit when trying to seduce a woman.

These are some of the most common mistakes. The first step is to recognize when you are making the mistake, and simply ask yourself "am I showing emotional intelligence?

1. Who likes a girl too soon

We've all done. We see a really cute girl at the bar, and based solely on their looks and gestures that we made the decision "is the one."

Without even saying a word, we have a certain emotional appreciation towards her. By this approach it becomes 100 times more difficult. Now we feel it is necessary to say the perfect phrase or have some incredibly smart to talk ...

This is a serious mistake. Never start "to like" a woman until you've had a conversation with her and feel some sort of connection. Falling in love with a woman based solely on their appearance is extremely "beta" and immediately puts you in the role of "chaser". She can smell it instantly ... and your chances of success from that point forward are almost nil.

2. Stagnate end with a phrase

I remember after watching the episode of Keys to the VIP with Cajun, I became obsessed with using the phrase that he repeated constantly cajun girls to know them ... The phrase was ... "Do I look like a drug dealer?"

The thing is ... I never had success with this phrase. Generally rarely failed and led to an interesting conversation. But still using it because I thought it sounded "cool."

When it comes to success, what you like personally is very rare that it works. Just because you think a phrase or a joke is extremely intelligent ... does not mean that women also appear. It is best to try different phrases, and keep that deliver best results.

3. Meeting with the feeling of despair

Everyone goes through a period of drought. Droughts are those seemingly endless periods where things just do not realize.

During these periods ... nothing seems to go right. And very often our "desperate" to get out of this run is usually the reason why we continue to fail.

The best thing to do during these cold spells just take one or two weeks without leaving. Probably seem somewhat counterproductive, but trust me, you will feel rejuvenated mentally and emotionally to get away from the "game" for a while.

Women can smell "desperation." And all except the most desperate, avoid a man who is greatly "hungry".

4. Getting addicted to approval

I see this happen all the time with men. They approach a group of women and instantly hit it off with the woman.

Generally speaking subjects "safe" and usually strike up a conversation "PG" that she sees as "harmless."A women seem to really like the company of men. Men become addicted to this approval and do not want to risk offending women sexually intensifying or introducing something to the conversation.

For some reason, as a man, we tend to think that women will be offended if we show our "true" intentions ... when in fact, they respect you more. Women know exactly what you want ... and you will not get anywhere if you talk about "puppies and ice cream" all night.

5. Move the conversation to your "comfort zone"

We all have our comfort zone in life. These are areas "emotionally safe" for us. But the problem with comfort zones is that you can not move forward if you're stuck in your comfort zone.

This tends to happen a lot to men when they try to pick up women. They can start the conversation with a good line, maybe throw some funny lines / bold ... but soon returned to his "interview mode."

They do this because the "interview mode" is convenient for them. It's like the food they like. It is safe and makes us feel good because we've been there before. The problem is ... as with the food they like, comfortable conversation topics generate very little spark.

6. Become "emotionally attached" to the result

I wrote a whole post titled "Let your winners send" that talks about how we tend to finish the good interactions too soon, and we were a long time dead interaction.

This is because we become emotionally attached to the outcome. When an interaction is going well, we begin to feel emotions "positive" and do not want to lose them. So often we get out before a good conversation just to retain that emotion "positive".

And often when something is going wrong begin to feel "negative" emotions. And make the mistake of wanting to get rid of negative emotions so hard that we were thinking we can turn the tide.

The trick is to get rid of all the emotions kick. Do not let feel not very good nor very bad based on how the interaction is going. Just interacts. If you're having fun, stay. If you're bored, go.

It's that simple.

7. To think that "this girl" is different

Here is one of the biggest mistakes that men make when they learn the "game". They learn all the right techniques, strategies, thoughts and behaviors ... but do not use.

The main reason we did not use in reality is because we start to think that "this girl is different." Our emotions convince us that "the game will not work with her." And we began to think "I just need to be myself."

The thing is this ... very few girls are different. 99% of women respond to the same patterns of attraction. No matter if you are white, black, Asian, Spanish, if you have 19 or 50 ... "Attraction is not a choice" and women will respond accordingly.

The next time you catch yourself thinking "I can not be fun / daring with her," just ask "Is it a woman?" If the answer is yes ... proceed as planned.

sábado, 24 de agosto de 2013

How Do You Know If She Likes You?

How many times have you been for twenty minutes in a conversation with a woman and wondered to yourself "I like or just being polite?" It would be easier if you just told, no? But they will not.

It's in your hands like a man, notice the modest signs that the woman is giving and acting on them.

If you do not open your eyes to these signals, you could get stuck in a conversation without end where a woman has no interest in you but only in the drinks you've been buying ...

Or worse ... you could end up leaving a woman who is almost ready to go with you to your apartment and rip your clothes.

So what are these signs you should be looking for? What are other ways to tell if a woman likes you?Signs that a woman may be interested:

All these signs, by themselves, do not necessarily mean a woman likes you. But as you begin to see several of these signs of interest, you can be sure that, at least, have enough to begin climbing reports the conversation to a much more intimate level.

1. She's laughing at your jokes, even when they aren´t funny

If a woman is being the perfect audience, laughing all the time, prompting you to talk longer and has a great smile put on your face all the time you've been talking about, then it is a clear indication that you are fully enjoying your company.

When we laugh with someone, unconsciously are saying "I like you. And I'm hearing what you're saying. "And if you are going out of their way to let you know who is laughing ... is also going out of their way to make you keep talking.

Just be careful not to confuse the real laugh with a nervous laugh, "Please get me out of here.

2. She tells you to try your drink

This has always been the indicator that works 100% for me for all these years when a woman wanted to be kissed.

If you're in a bar talking to a woman and gives her drink and says something like "Try my drink." Or if you somehow encourages you to try your drink, is unconsciously telling you is comfortable with you at a more intimate level. This is great to know if a woman likes you.

3. She asks if you have a girlfriend 

When a woman is close to a man who is beginning to like, it will always try to see if you have a girlfriend.Many women are just going to ask.

If you do not ask what surely will do little questions that encourage information like: "With whom do you live?" Or if you just tell a story of some holidays or some concert you're gone, will say "With who you were? ".

If a woman is not interested in you in any way, rarely will ask or be interested in if you have a girlfriend.

4. The proof of the "High five"

If you want to actively find out if a woman is interested ... here is a little test you can do that will help you know the amount of interest that woman in you.

While you're talking to a woman and says something you like, chócale five.

The key is that when it hits his hand with it, try to intertwine your fingers with hers for a second.Your reaction to this will indicate their comfort level around you.

If you remove your hand immediately, or let your fingers stiff, probably still do not feel completely comfortable with you.

Otherwise, if you leave your hand there for a moment and close your fingers, or let his hand touch yours ... is a good indicator that you have developed a good level with her.May. He calls you a playerIt's weird, right?

Many men assume that if a woma
n tells you you're "all a player" probably not interested. But this is just one of those things counter-intuitive to determine with sufficient time to talk to women.

If a woman calls you a player, have already accomplished two things. The first is that it has become comfortable enough around you to say such things. And the second is that she sees you as the kind of person who is used to talking to women.

If a woman does this kind of statement, just see what a "test" and continues the conversation as always.

 DO NOT try to defend yourself or prove that you're not. In fact, the best response is to smile and say simply "Is it that obvious?" And continue the conversation as if he never said it.

There are several "indicators of interest" very obvious that some dating gurus recommend, such as notice body language, looks and verbal cues. But when someone asks me "how do you know if a woman likes me" these are the five signs that I recommend for you to be outstanding.

I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to tell if a woman likes you.

How To Get Out Of The Friendzone?

If you found this article then you probably have a girl in your life you want to be your girlfriend, or just can not handle the sexual tension and love your girlfriend in bed.

In this article I will show you how to watch for signs of the "Friend Zone", how to avoid the friend zone, and how to escape the friend zone if you're currently stuck there.

The fact is that if a girl you're "just friends" is almost impossible to close the chapter and bring to your bedroom.

And if you're reading this, it's like I had imagined the naked, wanting to kiss her, and wondering if she compulsively feel the same ... and if there is any chance to make a move that does not end in embarrassment or rejection.

The answer is yes. It's possible.

So let's go into detail.

Avoiding Friends Zone

Now I think first, you know how important it is to avoid the friend zone, but there could be some mistakes you've been making, which can quickly eliminate and prevent that in the future will not be a "friend zoned".Let's quickly see 5 things you must do if you want to avoid the friend zone.

1. She flirts with

Most of the boys ended up with a girl as "just friends" they do not know how to flirt with a girl in a way that creates sexual tension. Read this article to know how to flirt with a girl.

2. Play it

One of the ways that you let a woman know you do not want to "be friends" is more physical touching and driving you. This is always one of the reasons why it is important to kiss a girl as soon as possible.Three. Do not be too "nice"

Here's a strange paradox ... if you want to be friends with a girl ... treat her like one of your friends. This means not hide your opinions, do not try too hard to impress, and do not compromise your manhood to please.

3. Expresses attraction "sexual" for her from the beginning

This is exactly the opposite of what most guys do. Most guys completely hide their sexual attraction for a girl. And then end up in friend zone finally endure no more and end up confessing their feelings to the girl. And do things like tell you how much they like her, or worse, you are in love with her. This NEVER works.Instead, from the beginning makes it clear that you find sexually attractive.

4. Be the "Leader"

Many men end up as "just friends" because they add nothing to the table. These men look at the girl as a source of entertainment and adventure. And instead of being the leader and take control of the situation ... instead "leak" out of it.

The real key to avoiding the friend zone is to create attraction from the beginning. If a woman is sexually attracted to you there is almost no chance you'll want to be just friends.Are you stuck in the Friend Zone?Almost every day I get emails from guys saying how they've been dating this girl for a couple of weeks to a couple of months ... and still have not kissed. Then begin to tell me all the signs that she is giving. And often are signs that he likes you ... but I'll give you some honest feedback:

If you've been dating a girl for a couple of times and have not had physical contact with her then you are in ZONE OF FRIENDS.Signs of the Friends Zone

I'm going to make it even clearer for you to determine whether or not you are in the friend zone (because I know we like to think "she's different" or our case is different). It's not.I speak from experience.

I've had a handful of girls in the friend zone ... and I've also managed to escape the friend zone a couple of times and finish connecting with the girl, closing the chapter, and having it in my bedroom.

These are the signs that you're in the friend zone:

1. She talks to you other guys

2. She feels very comfortable with you

3. No sexually suggestive jokes or talk

4. She has lots of other friends

5. She does not change his personality to spend more time with you

These are some signs that you find yourself in the friend zone. If you notice that you have to fully adjust your plans and set your course of action if you want to score with her.Escaping the Friend Zone

This is probably the section you've been waiting to read. Want to know how to get out of the friend zone?Before we begin, I want to tell you what NOT to do.

1. NO you confess your feelings to her. That just scared. It puts too much pressure on her. And almost never works.

So how do you get out of the friend zone?

I found 6 steps you must take to get out of the friend zone forever, so that you can finally close the chapter, and bring to your bedroom.

Step 1: You have to break the relationship with her

The hardest thing to get out of the friend zone is to break the routine that ends without the two kiss. We need to break this routine.

The best way is to disappear from your life for a little while. Not be available to hang out. Stop answering his calls immediately.

Step 2: You should spark some jealousy in her

You need her to see a different side of you. The best way is still time to make him jealous with other girls.If you have other girls in your life you can do with it breaking plans. When she asks why, just know elusive and let assume that you've met someone.

Step 3: Change some details of your appearance

After you've distanced from it a little, it is important that when I see you again you changed some details of your appearance.

This allows her to see you in a different way. And may be attracted. Some things you can do is start going to the gym, sunbathing, cut your hair, change your personal style, or simply improve your body language and posture.

Step 4: Flirt with her in a sexual way

The next time you see it you need to start immediately to tease and flirt with her.

Step 5: Play it

The best way to light the sexual tension with the girl is starting to touch her. This can be something as simple as touching her elbow when you talk.

But during the night must continue to build sexual tension with her doing things like taking your hand, close to her, and put your hand on her back as you speak.

Step 6: Kiss her

You have nothing to lose at this point.

Even if the kiss and she kisses you shoulder ... or you do not and you end up stuck in the friend zone forever. Take the opportunity as it is the only way to know for sure if he likes you.

A word of warning ... initially many times she'll say "what are you doing?" ... At this point you have to be confident and move on. She may be testing you to see if you'll do it.